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email: clarebeth.lewis@gmail.com

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is a holistic form of healing using plants. The whole or parts of plants such as roots, bark, seeds, leaves, flowers and berries are used, extracted with water, alcohol or oil. Herbal medicine can help everyone from children to the elderly. It is the world’s oldest form of medicine. Herbal medicine utilises both traditional knowledge and modern scientific research to address a range of physical and emotional issues. As a holistic form of healing the mind, body and emotions are all considered; time will be taken to understand your individual health story. Some conditions seen in practice that herbal medicine can treat are:
digestive problems,
irritable bowel syndrome,
sleep issues,
fatigue syndromes,
respiratory conditions,
hormone imbalance.

The Herbal Consultation

A first herbal consultation will take up to an hour and a half where a full case history will be taken. A physical examination might be required. Please bring details of all medications and supplements you might be taking to the consultation. Any medications you are currently taking are considered and should be continued alongside herbal medicine. An individual treatment plan will be discussed with you. Advice on diet and general healthcare may be given. The herbal medicine will be prepared while you wait and will be formulated uniquely to you. This may be either a tincture or a tea. A cream may be made for external application.
Follow up visits are to monitor progress and revise treatment. They will be up to forty five minutes long. Consultations are fully confidential. A referral to other health specialists will be discussed if herbal medicine is not suitable for a particular condition.

Payment for appointments is in advance; bank details will be given on booking. If you need to cancel an appointment please give at least 24 hours’ notice for a full refund. As I am off grid I can only take cash payments when paying for medicines.


First Consultation: up to 90 minutes £60
Second Consultation: up to 45 minutes £30
Children’s first appointments: up to 90 minutes £30
Children’s second appointments: up to 45 minutes £15
Tincture: £10 per 100ml per week
Teas: £5 for approx 50g per week
Cream: £10 for 60g jar

Clare Lewis

I have had a long interest in plants and how they help us, using herbs to make simple remedies for home use. Later on I wanted to deepen my knowledge and this lead me to studying for a degree in Herbal Medicine, that included anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, phytochemistry, botany and 500 hours of clinical training. After graduating I practiced in Sheffield before moving to Ceredigion in Cymru to plant a medicine garden and build an off grid clinic. I continue to further my herbal and healing education by attending courses and workshops. I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and fully insured. I run Junior Herbalist Club, having completed the NIMH registered Junior Herbalist Club Training.

I practice from an off grid Shepherds Hut in rural West Wales between Aberystwyth and Lampeter (Please note there are four steps to the hut). I am near the 585 and 580 bus routes.

For appointments and more information please contact:

Mobile: 07415 112 184
Email: clarebeth.lewis@gmail.com
Web: www.herbalistceredigion.co.uk